BNP-Jamayat administering period (August 2002): torment on the religious minorities and contradicting voice – Episode 9


It is difficult to portray the torment on the religious minorities and contradicting voices amid BNP-Jamayat period. At whatever point they went ahead the power, they make fear among these individuals. The ninth Episode of this awful occasion from 2001 to 2006 is given in this composition. This report will endeavor to depict the image of August 2002 when the psychological militants of BNP-Jamayat put the life of religious minorities and contradicting voices in threat. Reports from the national dailies are utilized as sources to set up this report.

August 2, 2002, Daily Janakantha: Terrorism and blackmail; endeavor to break the vault of Grameen Bank in Bogra; two religiously minor siblings were harmed in Chitalmari

August 9, 2002, Daily Bhorer Kagoj: Christian town of Agoijhora is as yet blocked; police are unemotional against the claim against BNP fear based oppressors; witness and offended parties are compromised.

August 10, 2002, Daily Ajker Kagoj: 1 religiously minor understudy is restricted from Rajshahi University grounds for 8 days because of the dangers by BNP-Shibir fear mongers

August 12, 2002, Daily Bhorer Kagoj: Terrorists’ dangers to religious minorities: give us cash as coercion or give us your little girls or give us your territories

August 14, 2002, Daily Sangbad: Forced to sign on a clear page: religiously minor elderly individual was murdered and his child had been undermined to be executed in Panch Bibi

August 14, 2002, Daily Ajker Kagoj: 40 ethnic minor families have been compromised to empty their territories, a decision of a case is being utilized to involve a real estate parcel in Chunarughat

August 14, 2002, Daily Prothom Alo: Ethnic minor lady is assaulted in Pabna

August 16, 2002, Daily Sangbad: House of a religious minor family has been plundered and consumed in Tungipara

August 19, 2002, Daily Sangbad: Cleaner’s home is involved and transformed into a lake in Sripur

August 24, 2002, Daily Bhorer Kagoj: Torture of the BNP psychological militants; Chobi Rani is terrified in the doctor’s facility; a female Awami League lobbyist was taken in BNP office in Rampal and her hair was trimmed and after that her bare picture was taken, who will sue?

August 24, 2002, Daily Janakantha: Two sanctuaries in Netrokona were assaulted and harmed

August 26, 2002, Daily Janakantha: The decision given by the high court about the torment on religious minor family is a horrendous lie

August 28, 2002, Daily Ajker Kagoj: Temple of Radha-Govinda was assaulted and harm, religiously minor families are terrified and furious

August 29, 2002, Daily Jugantor: A religiously minor family has been compromised to empty in Jamalpur


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