Dr. Kamal is becoming the Achilles heel. BNP and its allies are reconsidering


Most of the members of 20 Party Alliance are not taking BNP’s initiative in a good way to join with Juktofront. They think BNP is not thinking clearly and at the end of the day this union will not be fruitful.
To suppress the rumors airing inside the pact, BNP has decided to set up meeting with the elder leaders of 20 parties. They are thinking that it will mitigate misunderstanding. It is assumed that, they will make a progress scheme and what to do in future for Jatiyo Oikko. More than one leader of the affiliated group stated that, BNP will talk about Jatiyo Oikko in this meeting.
According to the leaders of the affiliated parties, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir is ready to sacrifice for Jatiyo Oikko. He said, few factors need to be sacrificed. It is for the betterment of everyone.
Few leaders are thinking that, instead of running behind BNP to fix everything they should have focused more on their own parties. That could have made their parties more organized and strong. Affiliated parties also saying that, all the parties are valuable and they should evaluate their values. BNP would suffer if this does not happen. On the contrary, seats and sharing power for two years with Jukto Front is too much according to the affiliated parties of 20 Parties Alliance.
Another important affiliated party is Bangladesh Democratic Party. Its Chairman Rtd. Dr. Colonel Oli Ahmed said, “A party without the support of citizens is good for nothing. Currently, BNP does not have enough support from civilians. If someone offers collaboration with them then they should think twice”
But, another party of the alliance Chairman of Labor Party Dr. Mostafizur Rahman Iran says, “BNP should get moral support of creating Jatiyo Oikko. Because, their leader Khaled Zia fears that another case will be filed against Tarek Rahman. BNP is passing a very tough time now. They should try to get out of it now. If they are thinking about participating in a fair election and create a government then Labor Party will support BNP to create this new alliance named Jatiyo Oikko.”
Secretary General of Bangladesh NAP Golam Mostafa Bhuyian says, “A leader of a political party wants the power for two years. BNP can authorize Jukto Front to run the country for two years if they want. But I must say, dreams can be seen without spending money. What Mr. Manna is thinking, he knows it better.” Golam Mostafa of NAP answered a question by saying, “BNP needs new friends instead of the old ones. Either old friends lost their necessity or they have lost their credibility”.
Renowned Lawyer and President of Gonoforum Dr. Kamal, President of Bikalpadhara Doctor A Q M Badruddoza Chowdhury, President of National Socialist Party (JSD) A S M Abdur Rob and Mahmudur Rahman Manna is putting up a new pact by making Dr. Kamal as their leader. There is a rumor going on that, this new alliance is trying to affiliate with BNP. Because of this reason lots of BNP members thinking that Dr. Kamal is a toxic character


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