Mashrafe’s Love and Marriage


Narail Kantho Desk: Bangladesh’s National Cricket Captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has completed 12 years of marriage this Friday. This couple’s happy marriage was completed on 7th September 2006, during the splendid show. In the meantime, the couple has been the father of a daughter and a son.
Mashrafe is the eldest son of Golam Mortaza Swapon of Mohishkhola (near the Boys’ School ground) in Narail town. His mother’s name is Hamida Begum Balaka. Mashrafe’s younger brother named Sizar Mahmud.
His wife Sumna Haque Sumi daughter of Hosne Ara daughter of Aladatpur area of Narail town. Sumi’s father’s name is Sirajul Islam. Sumi is the younger of the three sisters. Sumi’s grandfather and many other houses in the village Debi of Nowagram Union of Lohagora upazila under Narail District.

Mashrafe’s Love and Marriage Story
Who does not know about Mashrafe Bin Mortuza chatting and friends? From his childhood, he was a dancet. With friends, swimming in the river Chitala and walking in the river were always a day’s work. It was in the middle of the game of cricket. So dandapite that will look back to any girl in the area, the mind will peep out of love somewhere, where is that opportunity! It was his job to play with the school fray, and the friends did not do it.

But still Mashrafe’s love came in life. Not once, twice Own area is in Narail itself. Why do not you first love Mashrafei did not disclose details. The second love has been tied up with love. Sumna Haque Sumi Mashrafe’s wife. Taking care of life from school life. Then, according to Mashrafei Jinday, the two families decided to give the life of two people together.

Mashrafe Bin Mortuza’s love story and the wonderful story of marriage came up with the biography of ‘Mashrafe’ written by him about Mashrafe This biography of Mashrafe, written by sports journalist Debabrata Mukhopadhyay, has already responded well. In that book, ‘Marriage’ has come up in the chapter titled ‘Mashrafe Love and Marriage Story’ … The story from Mashrafe was justified for Narail Kantha’s readers …

1. Kaushik then with the national team in Kenya. Suddenly the jan jan janai sitting the phone of the sitting house. Nahid (Mashrafe’s maternal uncle), after hearing the sound of the call on the landphone, estimated that it was Kaushik’s phone. When he ran and did not pay any attention to the phone, he said, ‘Mama, I’ll get married.’

Nahid Mama ate a little thamatake. He talks about everything in the world, and tells stories. But they have never talked about marriage and love. Nowadays, they feel relieved to say these things.

He said, ‘he is good. Income in the country See the girl I want to marry a good girl. ‘Mashrafi said that the ghost has been filled with ghosts. She said, ‘The girl is right. You talk to mom. They will not say anything. ‘

‘Where is the girl! Whose daughter! Good to see? ” So I can not speak. You ask the case. ‘I will not ask. You earn income in the country I see the girl. ‘ ‘There is no time. Front of the World Cup I will get married but go to the World Cup. You’re gonna get ready soon. ‘What is the father? Is it so early? ‘Will be. You would have There is another job … ‘This is how the voice of Kaushik’s voice became more funky. ‘What?’ ‘Father has to convince him. And the girls will have to agree to the house. This is your job. ‘

‘What do you mean? What does that mean? ‘- Nahid did not get the chance to finish the speech. The lines were cut off from the side. Nahid came down to sit on the sofa to talk to his head. A glass of water covered the water and ate. Can not understand, what to do. Before Kaushik’s mother should call, ‘Kuhu. Kuhu. ‘

Kaushik’s case is inside the kitchen. Can not hear Nahid Mama himself went ahead, ‘Kuhoo, Kaushik wants to get married.’ Kaushik’s mother laughs, ‘Good thing is it. The boy grew up. Do not you marry? ‘ Nahid Mama becomes more helpless, ‘He will give it; But he or she is the girl? Do you know anything? Have you seen the girl? ‘

‘You see the girl also.’ ‘What can I say, where will I look?’ Kuhu Mummy laughs a more mysterious smile, ‘Everyday the day passes in front of you. You do not understand the choice of the fate? ‘Do not cry mysteries. Tell a girl. ‘ ‘Hey ours. You have not seen. ‘ ‘What is the key? He’s a little girl. ‘There is no girl child. Your Kaushik falls in the same class. Now see how to get married. ‘

‘So! That’s it! ‘If Nahid Mama had a hairless hair on his head today, I think he would have fallen. This is a big worry. In the meantime, the relationship of Sirajul Huq’s family with Dulabhai is not bad. And the gentleman has died a few years ago. His family, a noble family of Narail. There is no reason why the family does not agree to the marriage.

But the problem is, that love! When the love is heard, the two families will sit tight. Does anyone agree on love marriage? The biggest thing when this love is? Boys and girls walk around in front of their eyes. Nahid mamah has never been able to find out. When is love?

I can not sit now sitting in the place, he cried, ‘Dukh, Dukh.’ ‘G’. ‘Raju and Asimak of the neighbors called the earnings. First, understand how long the water has flowed.

2. The water has actually rolled down. It’s been running long ago. Whenever the water started pouring, Mashrafe or Sumna Haque Sumi – no one can say. If it was a movie, we could have created a scenario by combining events.

Sadar road from Kawsik’s front line on that road you can read the private daily in the lap of the book. Kusikars then killed Raja-Vazir in front of the uncle’s shop in front of the uncle’s shop. At that time the love could have gone. But the Kaushikas were then the enemy heroes of the area; Where to look back at the girls!
Sumi also did not have time to look back to the boys. Especially the Kawsikas have no reason to look at the eyes of the lovers. It was then the time when the elder brother of the area, the school’s senior, as well as the love of the tutor. At least Sumi’s friends read so quickly. If you want to be happy, you can not read Kaushik’s love in the same class.

Although, while trying to read private, I would love to be in love with Kaushik, who is laughing. It does not go often in the class. Sumi once went to school and looked at the boys’ bench. See, there is no mood; Where did you play? As a result, the boy next to the house, after being the son of the same class, Meli Bachchan
Yet when it comes to school; The way the monkeys do, the girls cut the tippani, the way the saraks are behind them, they think sometimes the bandit boy is not bad. But the problem is, it is not right to fall in love with a boy! So feel like everything; But do not fall in love anymore.

What happens if you do not fall in love; Mashrafe falls in love. Who falls in love with her. Often falls in love. If there was any arrangement for injuries in the love, the injury list would have been longer; Fate does not break hands and feet in this study. So, in the school, the girl who is seen in the street fell in love with her.

Love does not mean to fall in love. At that age, the boys in the bayondula what else is the same. Looks like beautiful looks. Mashrafe, however, claimed that he fell in love with a class nine or a very serious heart condition. Until the start of the first year of the Higher Secondary or did that love continue.

Let’s name name its nomenclature; After this, it is wrong to introduce someone as ‘Mashrafe’s former lover’ and find out this alternative name. In love with that honeymoon, Mashrafe decided to marry Anonymous.

But she did not love. Which says ‘breakup’; That’s why for a reason. Mashrafe claims that it would be difficult to get married even after the love continued. Nothing from the house. So that breakup was necessary. Mashrafe roams like Devdas, because of breaking the new love. The time is probably about a year break after returning from injury to New Zealand. Before that time the old love broke. Mashrafe roams like a monkey with a bearded beard. Occasionally go to college with a crate; There is a house pressure to take the exam. Even if there was no pressure on the house, they would not be tested; it seems absurd to say everything.

The lively boy and the girls do not look back. Head falls into college and goes to silence. In the afternoon, you can chat with friends. It looks bad on Sumi’s mind. Can not say anything – Kaushik is just a classmate; What can be said to him!

Meanwhile, there is another new problem in front of Mashrafei. Give the test; There is nothing to prepare. The note sheet will take, the suggestion will be required. Where to find it. One day, the next house in the class talked with the neighboring house. He said, he has short suggestions and notes. Mashrafe can take it That day he walked home from the college with Sumi. What is a busy day again in the afternoon? So they did not enter their house to take notes. He said, ‘Sumi, give me your number. I’ll call you later. ‘

The phone number is written by Sumi. Suddenly, Mashrafe looked at Sumi’s face. The book bursts. Sumi; He never saw his face in this way. There is so much love for Mata, Mashrafei how much love is accumulated. Mashrafe was a little surprised. How could you look at the sight of Sumi. She looked back to the shy eye and she looked back.

That is what love!
3. ‘What is going on in college today, Sumi?’ ‘Will you go, will you?’ ‘Yes. Then come along with the note. ‘ ‘Listen. What happened to the note; That’s not a girl in our class, it’s a long way. She loves again with a son of Jessore. That boy came that day … ‘The need for a note is just an occasion. There is no such meaning in the phone. How stupid eyes stand in front of you Suddenly the college matter seemed to be very interesting Mashrafei Everyday I want to bring his notes; The note is not brought. There are many things.

At this stage, we fell into a hamstring. We can not understand who gave that love proposal. At first Narail came to know that Sumi had sent this cosmic news with someone; But Sumi-Mashrafe heard the talk of giving a chat together. Mashrafe said, ‘Ray Ray’, ‘Nah. I sent the proposal. We had a friend; Common friend He sent a proposal. ‘
Mashrafe knew that a proposal would not work. The girl will try to ‘get the feeling’. So he sent a proposal with a lot of thought. It was not known what that thought was. It can be assumed that both of them smile, there was something special.

Do not stay; Keep some things secret. Although these things are secret, the two minds are going together, what is the news and the secret! No one knows, the famous friends of Narail have captured within a few days, some have been somewhere. Lately Mashrafe flew like how. College gets more than the road than the river, call him more than the garden. What is the matter One day friends were very concerned, what is the matter, Kaushik! There are lots of things to do now with the Sumi. You can not even say ‘nothing, nothing’. In the end, it is necessary to say that everything is covered-covered. He made absolutely the promise, in this case, the news was not leaked. Mashrafe, at least, does not want to give any details to anyone without making the soil a little hard under his feet. Let’s talk, eyes should be seen in the eyes; But I want a little time to blast the incident.

4. The events in late April 2005 Next month, England will be with Mashrafe team. Go to Dhaka next week. There is a game of domestic cricket. There are national group camps. Mashrafe came to Narail for a few days. There came a heap of jersey on arrival. Goodbye for the small children of the club, for the newcomers who are joining, 40-50 jerseys for them. The jersey was built around the whole afternoon. Slowly the crowd broke. The night is over. Friends are all rising.

Mashrafe called Raju aside He whispered and said, ‘Chunnu and infinite go away from the ball. You have talk with three people. ‘ Three friends are waiting with anxiety. The night is deep. Chunnu asked, ‘What has happened to Kaushik?’

‘There is a problem.’ ‘What trouble?’ ‘I will get married.’ ‘He is good. Speak at home. Send a proposal to Sumi’s house. Get married. ‘ ‘No, that’s not the time. Who knows from the house. We have to marry ourselves. ‘

Three of them were lightning. Three tried to convince, it would not be right. But Kaushik does not agree The next day the next day Mashrafe wants to marry, that day. Even Qazi or he thought about it. The elder brother of the area, Mithu brother is now Qazi. Call him. Raju does not agree with anything. In the end, Mashrafe jiradera three friends to rate Called Mithu brother next day

Then …. Nah, it’s a secret. On May 1, 2005, something happened in Narail. What we did not know Could not be retrieved despite many attempts, lost documents.

5. Golam Mortuza did not agree. One of his words, ‘girl is like this. The family is good I understand everything; But why would love marry? ‘ This is it. This mortuza Sahib married a great love; But objection to the boy’s son as a matter of concern. Even more objection the daughter’s family The family’s objection to more than their objection, more than their relatives

Sumi’s father died in that childhood. Man Hosne Ara Begum’s hard work and patriotism has been man. Though there was no financial hardship, the difficulty of not getting father was during childhood. The girls did not let the trouble get their mother. The relative comes to mother, ‘The boy plays cricket. Where is it, it’s OK! It is not right to give a girl to a boy. ‘ Trying to understand Sumi. Tries to talk about your beliefs; But it does not work.

Nihid Mammar is going out of his life to do the whole thing. Mashrafe is a call from the phone. Now, two people have died in convincing the house. She is running riot. In the words, if you do not have lakhs of words then you are not married. Nahid Mama alone seems to have cost millions.

Meanwhile, Kaushik came to the country. He started Jedajeddi If the two families do not agree, they will marry themselves. Never eat, never speak. Again threatened to cut his hand again. It would have been like that Finally, Nahid Mama gave extreme declaration in two families, “If you agree with the agreement, it is good. Otherwise I will give them marriage. If you can, you will come to prevent the two families. ‘

After this threat, no more talk is needed. Like the last scene of the movie, everyone smiled and smiled. The huge sound box was sitting in front of the house. Sanaai banged in a loud noise.

On 7 September 2006, Mashrafe-Sumi was married to Rupganj festival community center in Narail. On that day, the bright star of Bangladesh cricket’s captain, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, was present at the festival community center with a huge carriage. Mashrafe’s marriage was a huge enthusiasm among the devotees. Many people stood at the side of the road to see the marriage of Mashrafe.


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