Mirza Fakhrul : Went abroad with lies, came back with terrorism


Narail Kantho Desk: BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam returned to Bangladesh with Tarek Rahman’s guidance of spreading fear based oppression in the nation from October if government does not consider their interest important. To be noted, BNP continued requesting to free Khaleda Zia and put Care Taker government amid race.
Source educated, Tarek Rahman trained Mirza Fakhrul to make the nation flimsy, with the goal that administration will undoubtedly bow down to them. Tarek likewise educated his senior pioneers to movement around the nation and meet with root level individuals and make an attitude to battle against Awami League.
London BNP educated that, Mirza Fakhrul went to USA to meet with got away specialists of Jamayat-Shibir and hostile to government faculty. He utilized gathering with the UN reporters as a cover. BNP’s present interest is to free Begum Khaleda Zia and setting up unbiased government amid the race. He ran there with directions of Tarek to accumulate assets to make the nation flimsy. Vindictive individuals who are remaining abroad guaranteed Mirza Fakhrul that they will give cash and arms to render retribution on Awami League. Subsequent to completing USA visit, Mirza Fakhrul went to UK to settle technique on decision. fourteenth September Mirza Fakhrul was scrutinized by Tarek.
Source guaranteed that, Tarek Rahman said to Mirza Fakhrul that he is a backboneless on the grounds that he couldn’t draw of a proficient development to free Khaleda Zia. Mirza Fakhrul turned out to be exceptionally disturbed along these lines. They sat for an essential gathering at Tarek’s home in London about the nation. Pioneer of BNP in London Malek and a nearby BNP pioneer were available around then. That BNP pioneer educated that, Tarek taught to free Khaleda Zia at any expense and setting up their great government who will work amid decision, if that does not occur then BNP will drive the administration to get it going. As indicated by Tarek, the means will be horrifying to the point that legislature will begin shaking. Government should bow down to BNP. BNP will make them to see hellfire. They will make a pile of dead bodies if important. Tarek guaranteed Mirza Fakhrul that Jamayat-Shibir will help BNP on this. Tarek remarked that, to get the power they should walk through gore and carcass.
In the mean time, Mirza Fakhrul returned Bangladesh with Tarek Rahman’s directions. Individuals of the nation is worried that how fierce BNP can be to get on to the power by drive..


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