‘Staggering Leaders’ of Oikko Front never had help of the all inclusive community


Narail Kantho Desk : It was all the rage from the earliest starting point when Oikko Front pioneers framed the coalition with BNP on the grounds that they didn’t have enough introduction to the general population. In the event that their political history has been burrowed then this reality will turn out on the open. In spite of the fact that their own political life is exceptionally rich yet they were constantly poor as far as getting cast a ballot from the general population. They are constantly known as ‘Emotional Leaders’ of the nation. Consequently, Political Analysts are imagining that, they are connecting themselves with BNP-Jamayat just to get the power. They likewise included that, they are destroying their own picture.

Information says, A S M Abrud Rab was crushed severely from the Laxmipur District in 1991 national parliamentary decision. On the other hand, he was vanquished by A B M Ashrafuddin in 2001 national parliamentary decision from a similar region. At that point, Mahmudur Rahman Manna of Nagorik Oikko was vanquished in the parliamentary decision by BNP hopeful Rezaul Bari Dinar in 2001 in Bogura. At that point Leader of Jatiyo Oikko Front Dr. Kamal was crushed by BNP Leader Harunur Rashid in national parliamentary decision in Dhaka-11 of every 1991. He was crushed before by BNP applicant Abdus Sattar in 1981 administration race.

Presently political experts are stating that, BNP is acting stupidly by depending on Dr. Kamal, Manna and Kader Siddiqui to win the race. They don’t have any presence on the field of the governmental issues of casting a ballot. BNP ought to recollect that, pioneers of Oikko Front played a vital and huge job amid the freedom war yet they were never upheld by the general population. Not before and not in the present.

Political Analyst Bibhu Ranjan Sarkar stated, “Oikko Front pioneers joined with a gathering who were against the freedom war and against of shaping a non-shared society. They joined in light of the fact that they need to win the race. In spite of the fact that they requested that BNP leave Jamayate Islami the as a general rule it didn’t occur. They are keeping a mystery coalition with Jamayate Islami. Nearness of Shibir individuals in their gathering demonstrates it.”

In the interim, previous priest Barrister Nazmul Huda additionally concurred with Bibhu Ranjan Sarkar. BNP is frantic to win the decision it can turn out badly after the race.

It is to be noticed that, Dr. Kamal, A S M Abdur Rab, Mahmudur Rahman Manna and Kader Siddiqui; every one of them were a piece of Awami League once. They are known as the tricky pioneers. They demonstrated their unfaithful identity number of times in their previous days.


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